World Music - Folk - Tango - Jazz

NIVEL Instrumental quartet band (since mid-2016 also vocal-instrumental) specialized in original interpretations of traditional songs from various countries and compositions based on Celtic, Balkan, French, Argentinean, Georgian, Brazilian and American folklore. The musicians are inspired by the great composers of worldwide renown such as Astor Piazzolla, Richard Galliano, Vincente Amino and Otto Eckleman. In their music one can also find traces of tango, gypsy swing, world music, jazz and musette. Each member of the ensemble polishes their skills in other musical projects, bringing their individual experience, inspirations,  temperament into the group and by that means creating an interesting sound of the whole.

Numerous achievements and cooperation with many distinguished artists made NIVEL a recognizable brand. Their concerts, played in big concert halls, at business events and in small music clubs earned them the audiences` appreciation. The musicians` experience is a guarantee of the listeners` enjoyment.

The group was intensively working on their original material and finally released an debutant album called "Wielki Świat" (Big World) on July 2017.




  With Grzegorz Płonka & Kasia Pluta

Instrumental or Vocal

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NIVEL Instrumental

NIVEL - Main Quartet

(accordion, violin, guitar, bass)


NIVEL feat. Grzegorz Płonka

Grzegorz Płonka - vocal, popularizer of Silesia Culture (south region of Poland).

In programme a dozen songs of many lands, e.g. Neapolitan, Andalusian, Mexican, Spanish and much more...

There will also be a few typical and classic pieces of our region! Silesia folk music!

NIVEL feat. Kasia Pluta

Popular Hits well-known artists in our unusual arrangement (including M. Jackson, S. Wonder, AC/DC, The Beatles, Robbie Williams, Whitney Houston etc.)

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